Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/673/Press Review]

October 2 2003

25 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Prisoners receive revolution anniversary with hunger strike, others question if they were Yemenis
– Press conference of the national committee on Jarallah Omer assassination case
– Dr Yassin: Societies a form of framework of the civil society
– Taiz security attacks peddlers
– A new Yemeni center for human rights declared
In its editorial the newspaper says the relationship between the Yemeni national movement and the September revolution was not accidental but rather a relation of preparation and accumulation and then embrace and protection. It is a relationship that dose not accept the geographic aspect only and isolated from history and the cultural and political heritage that formed one of the prominent providers of the national action and a point for grouping and ripening the moment of the revolution eruption. It is a relationship that does not accept questioning credibility of the correlation of the national movement factions and the Yemeni revolution. Pioneers of the national forces have responded to the call of the revolution and marched behind enthusiasm of their national conscience and political awareness. With their sacrifices and prediction of the horizons of the coming change on the map of Yemen, the national forces rise to the level of pioneering and partnership in the making of an event resembling a revolutionary quake whose reverberations continued for a long time troubling sleep of the region's rulers.