Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/675/Press Review]

October 9 2003

2 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– National body on Jarallah Omer case follow-up:
– Sticking to Jarallah Omer case however long it may take
– Chairman of oil trade union in Safer, arrested

The newspaper editorial says disturbed policies could not make a stable situation and deluding concepts also cannot grant the regime the credibility it longs for. Thus the situation in Yemen appears to be; troubled and threatened by disintegration. It is the image of an authority besieged with all causes of decomposition due to a tense economic condition and a political congestion liable to explosion.
The leap over the internal crises towards outside is nothing more than a policy marketing illusion, a policy of escaping forwards and exporting the inside crises to the broader Arab periphery. Such a pursuit passes over the objective facts that grant the states the distinction and pioneering out of geographical and historical and power potentials in economy and political cohesion. All these facts are not existent in the structure of a country that has not yet entered the stage of industrialization or knocked at the door of the national state.