Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/677/Press Review]

October 16 2003

9 October 2003
Main headlines:
– YSP condemns the aggression on Syria
– YSP welcomes the return home of Haitham and Muhsin
– Whirlwind at the construction site of the President Mosque causes death of some persons
– YSP official source: Response of the GPC to Abdulghani statements, encouraging indicator for stabilization of pursuit of forgiveness, protection of the unity
– 14 October newspaper journalists threaten putting on red badges then partial strike
Columnist Khalid Salman says in his article the Yemeni Socialist Party sees the dialogue as a political educational value in the ordinary circumstances and under the extraordinary situations in the country and the rifts and crises besieging the country on all sides. Under such circumstances and situations and others altogether the dialogue would go beyond it value characteristic to the political necessity. The serious dialogue does not need messages and hints without a political horizon and complete conception of he extraordinary importance of dialogue. It does not need to talk about it with a half faith. Dialogue is need of tangible action and clear-cut policies making it not just a subjective desire but rather rational approach and a key for resolving problems and complications of the internal political situation. The homeland’s current critical situation and compound crises is bigger than an individual political party to accomplish a project for an immediate salvation. Such a situation calls for joining all efforts and political unification and agreement on a genuine national program announcing the boycotting of the bloody inheritance and political violence of the past periods. It is a call for a detente and normalization of the political life away from slogans of disloyalty, confiscating rights and imposition of guardianship, which are political mistakes the ruling party has to overcome and to look at future away from yesterday’s mistakes.
Once again we call for dialogue as a value and culture, a program and specific mechanisms. We call for a dialogue having clear goals and purposes.