Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/682/Press Review]

October 30 2003

30 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– YSP: Islah’s statement a positive step towards removing the pursuit of infidelity-accusations
– In Dhamar, fighting for control on mosques causes two deads and one injured
– Due to manipulation in jobs of graduates in Lahj, sharp differences between civil service bureau and local council secretary general.
In an article Mr Saleh Naji al-Harbi says the drivers and employees of the overland transportation in Aden governorates who are deemed to be a surplus workforce and their salaries have been referred to the transport ministry, have been suffering of either non-payment or delay in payment of their salaries, sometimes for five months after which they come less than they should.
These people and their families are now suffering from poverty because their salaries of the past three months are not paid to them yet under a justification that the Aden bureau has drawn a sum of money from the salaries’ paragraph to cover other paragraphs in the bureau’s budget, including incentives and transport allowances and others. It is said that the ministry refused to pay the salaries unless the drawn up sum by the ministry’s branch in Aden is retuned.
The writer wonders about the guilt committed by hose people and about their relation with the difference between the ministry and its offices in the governorates. He asks the question, isn’t the ministry of transport obliged to pay salaries of its employees regularly at the end of each month? These people have no source of income other than their salaries.