Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/685/Press Review]

November 13 2003

6 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Dhalie central prison prisoners denounce manipulation in lists of those released
– Anti-violence forces practice violence against citizens of Shamaiteen district
– Final statement of International Socialism includes a decision on Jarallah Omer assassination crime.
– A citizen dies of Israeli insecticides
– Central Bank refuses to abide by judiciary rulings

The newspaper editorial says that the attempts intended for driving wedges among active political forces are in fact aimed to drag all to a conflict whose parties are those adopting the national project and programs of civil change. One of contradictions in Yemen’s political life is the attempt to weaken the opposition and considering such endeavor a first place issue of the ruling regime.
The authority is mistaken when it thinks that weakening the relationship between the YSP and Islah would be power added to it and again it would be mistaken if it considered that weakness of opposition means a strength for the ruling system. Reality is quite contrary to that the authority thinks of. The strong authority is the one that capable of choosing its political adversaries from among the elite of opposition elements who are strong in their arguments and programs and firm in their beliefs in rightness of their affiliation to the homeland and the people.