Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/687/Press Review]

November 20 2003

13 Nov. 2003
Main headlines:
-Due to failure of former meetings, JMP, Unionist Congregation and the League partied apologize from attending a Ramadhan evening
– Al-Zaidi comment on the killing of young man Saleh Husein
– Journalists appeal for treatment of Yemeni announcer Radhia Sultan

Columnist Qassem wrote an article saying the Yemen unity agreement was signed on 30 November 1989 in the city of Aden and was declared on May 22 1990. A month before that an agreement was signed in Sana'a stipulating the declaration of the unity on 26 May 1990. The last agreement remained in drawers till after the declaration of the unity. The question that is always aroused when talking about the unity agreement is which is the agreement the first or the second? The long duration dialogues in which various political forces in Yemen took part produced what had been termed as '' document of pledge and agreement'' signed in the Jordanian capital Amman in 1994 and was not implemented because the first of its articles stipulated the arrest of those who took part in the political assassinations, that was a simple condition that could have been obtained by one of sharia agent of any court or prosecution instead of leading to the war that made the day of its end , the 7th of July 1994, a day for ending the unity of 22 may peacefully.
The dialogue question in Yemen takes bizarre dimensions and when the authority talks about dialogue with the opposition it would necessary return to old papers that would inevitably recall conferences of Yemeni dialogues in the sixties of the last century. The last of those dialogue conferences had been held in Geneva in 1967 between the National Front and Britain that carried Yemen to independence and expulsion of the British colonization. In that conference the Yemenis had reaped freedom and independence from the colonialist influence and hegemony. Apart from that the authority must invest it in its political dialogues because they are either sterile or failing dialogues out of which nothing had been produced.