Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/699/Press Review]

January 1 2004

25 Dec.2003
Main headlines
– YSP says it would insist demanding the re-opening investigation into the killing of Jarallah Omer
– Abu Bakr Batheeb back home
– Yemenis worried about a new strong dose
– Escaping from local council and malaria, residents of al-Maqatira migrate to adjacent districts

The newspaper's editorial says when the ground shakes under feet of a totalitarian regime the reverberations of this quake are felt by other nearby totalitarian regimes. If the foreign occupation is the spearhead of the danger threatening those regimes, which is definitely not so, the rulers would rush as individuals or in groups to seek protection of the foreigner against dangers coming from the foreigner himself by offering a bunch of concessions beginning by opening the gates for interference and ending with squandering sovereignty and accepting the coming political recipes.
The editorial maintains that resorting to peoples is a recipe the despotic ruler has not experienced. While all bridges are cut between the one-man regime and the one tribe and the people; elites, political parties and the people in general, the same bridges are open for the Yankee's armies, policies and intelligence apparatuses.