Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/701/Press Review]

January 8 2004

1 Jan. 2004
Main headlines
– Silent demonstration demanding re-investigation into the case of Jarallah Omer assassination
Columnist Mohammed Qassem Nouman says in his article that democracy, human rights, woman rights, child rights, pluralism, civil society, the freedom of expression and opinion, free press and the people right to political life and ruling tc are syllabus in the human thought and titles of the international law for human rights. Nevertheless all these remained in the past years absent to a great extent in our Arab culture in general and the Yemeni national culture in particular. Despite the circumstances that imposed the emergence of this new culture and attacking the outdated cultures on which the systems of backwardness and totalitarianism depended but the resistance is intensive between the yesterday culture and this new culture. In our Arab countries this forms a crisis and suffering and compound disasters the Arab people bear its consequences and negatives. It is a crisis caused by the rulers for their insistence on continuing with the same cultures and ideas of the past in the practice of rule and the relation with the people. The other crisis is that of leaderships of the opposition parties for their insistence on continuing the same cultures and ideas of the past and their mechanisms in practicing their roles and their leadership of their parties and their relations with the people.