Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/706/Press Review]

January 26 2004

22 Jan 2004
Main headlines
– Islah Shoura denounces hampering the case of martyr Jarallah Omer
– Youth minister tenders his resignation upon Yemen's football team defeat
– A political prisoner family demands investigation into his death
– In Taiz and Wisab, tens of prisoners are without charges
– Interrogation with Sana'a University students continues
Columnist Yousif Khalid Saeed describes in an article the American example of democracy as a savage, saying the talk about the American example of democracy was entertaining a distinguished brilliance and some attraction and interest especially during the period of the cold war. But the gloss of this talk has begun fainting and shrinking. This democratic example began to retreat and to be exposed and the live evidence the United States has offered and accumulated during the last years proved that the present American democratic example has become more foggy and ambiguous and more over arousing large amount of dubiousness, suspicion and non-credibility. The use of military power in the Balkan and waging the war on Iraq and occupying it by force in a way violating international laws, legitimacy and conventions have demonstrated the American democracy as just a placard to cover it the American policy based on the use of force and consolidation of colonialist occupation and hegemony, the interference in internal affairs of independent states, violation of international laws, legitimacy and conventions. It is also used for covering up wars, destruction and killing as well as creating chaos and crises and seminaries of tension. The American democracy is also a cover for controlling other peoples lands and wealth and dictation of its policies on hem without observance or respect of their countries' sovereignty and their historical and civilization characteristics.
In this image the American democracy seems in reality as beastly and bloody possessing aspects of ugliness and lacking of credibility.