Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/720/Press Review]

March 15 2004

11 March 2004.
Main headlines
– A number of Arabs and one French national disappeared; military forces continue their deployment in Lauder area
– After more than 150 years of conflicts, Al-Jawf tribes reach reconciliation of one year
– Three persons killed, others injured in tribal clashes in Al-Baidha'
– A teacher and her students drown in a sea trip

Columnist Abdula Sallam al-Hakeemi says in his article the despotic rule and tyranny would inevitably lead to prepare better circumstances for occupation, foreign hegemony and interference. Peoples governed by dictatorships and oppression would lose the feeling of affiliation and citizenship and freedom. In such a situation the majority of the people would find no difference between the internal and foreign tyranny. They would be driven to welcome the invading foreigner as a kind of retaliating reaction against the national tyrant. Peoples in this case would see that the deliverance from the internal dictatorship can be the introduction to resist and confront he foreign invasion and occupation.
Homelands can be safeguarded from foreign hegemony and occupation when the despotic rulers begin to restore their respect of themselves and responsibilities so that their people would respect them. They should respect their people and treat them with freedom and human dignity. Totalitarian rulers have to take the initiative to return what they have plundered of their people's properties via various ways and methods before they are forced to do so. They have to immediately begin to contract reconciliations and positive understanding between them and their peoples. Hey have to stop oppressing their citizens of various segments.