Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/723/Press Review]

March 25 2004

18 March 2004
Main headlines
– Ruling party obliges mosque preachers to call for the new dose
– Liquefied gas cylinders prices raised 100 per cent
– YSP condemns Madrid explosions and congratulates Zapatero
– Government hampers a peaceful demonstration against the occupation and aggression in Palestine and Iraq
– JMP demands the government to protect its citizens
– Trade unionists refer their demands to international organisations
The writer Tawakul Abdusallam Karman says in an article it is out of the woman ill-fortune in the developing countries is the unanimity on her deprivation of her right to take part in the actual participation in the public life in general and the political one in particular. All the regimes in those countries share the decision of not engaging her in the state administrations and the man monopolization in making the important decisions and policies. All of them are the same whether they were opposition or ruling parties and Islamic or secular.
Throughout the Arab homeland we have not witnessed that a woman has headed a government or occupied a significant ministerial post while there are tens of cases where ignorant and inefficient men have assumed those posts. In some rare instances we find a woman occupies a ministerial post of a ministry having no important authorities or a non-effective governmental post. This opinion includes the Yemeni republic at the same level, if not worse. I think the democratic experiment would remain imperfect and lacking balance and loses many of its elements as long as there is no full interaction of the woman and a real participation in the political life and balanced representation in various institutions of the state and civil society organisations.