Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/725/Press Review]

April 1 2004

25 March 2004
Main headlines
– Gunshots at two cars in the capital Sana'a
– YSP politburo condemns the assassination of sheikh Yassin
– At the protest demonstration against the assassination of sheikh Yassin, gunshots fired by mistake after the end of the president's speech
– External pressures save Layla's life from death by stoning
– Direct threat to gag Sadeq Nasher's mouth

Columnist Jammal Amer says in his article that the latest security agreement between the Yemeni and Egyptian presidents represented a retreat in the first stand refusing any acknowledgment of the presence in Yemen of any Egyptian wanted persons, a question hat has caused differences between the two regimes reached to the point of dispute.
That non-acknowledgment was also addressed to Saudi Arabia. After that there happened a breakthrough and Egypt and Saudi Arabia had received some of the wanted by the two regimes handed over to them by Yemen.
Domestically, ten persons of the accused against the backdrop of Cole explosion incident had escaped from al-Mansoura prison in Aden and then lived their own life without being searched for by any side, until the recent variables came and Yemen began to be more interested in being cooperative in fighting the so-called terror. That was an enough cause to send its security forces to seriously hunting down on wanted persons which did not take long time to reach them. Many of those wanted began to be captured by security men.
What is wanted in this regard not the liquidation of those but to conduct an ideological dialogue with them without wavering with the carrot in order to be faithful in the sovereign of the ruler in return for conceding what they bear of devastative ideas that would consequently harm the regime and the homeland as a whole.