Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/732/Press Review]

April 26 2004

22 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Torture and strike in Sana'a, kidnapping and execution in Taiz
– Accused of his affiliation to the YSP, Al-Thawra prison tortures an officer with cigarette butts and hanging by hands
– Old Sana'a a scene of comprehensive strike
– YSP condemns the assassination of Rantissi

Columnist Aidroos Nassr Nasser says in an article the name of Falluja would enter the history of political conflicts to represent a symbol of challenge and resistance in the contemporary history. A symbol pictures the size of the shocking paradox between peoples capabilities and stances of the regimes. The peoples are deprived of any ammunition of material technology of confrontation but are armed with will and faith and sticking to the right while the regimes that possess large armies and various kinds of weapons are deprived of the weapon of faith, determination, willpower and clarity of goals. What happened recently in Falluja and the rest of Iraqi cities and towns has aroused astonishment of the world and made many political and military analysts bewildered. The inhabitants of Falluja who possess simple weapons in caliber and number managed to confront the strongest army in the world and to teach it a lesson they would remember for a long time.
The Americans and their allies were of the illusion that this country has lost the will and surrendered to defeatism and weakness and that terrorizing its civilian people would render them disappear out of fear especially because of the defeat whose impact is still standing in the souls and on the ground. But the Americans got shocked by that indefinite will and that great determination and rare courage and bravery while facing the most sophisticated army tanks and helicopter gunships and warplanes.