Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/739/Press Review]

May 20 2004

13 May 2004
In his article this week columnist Abdeh Farie Nouman says if the Arabs were sincere with their cause with a unified stand and one anti-imperialism word, they would have really been the best among nations and the strongest. They possess the strategic geographical position and possess the huge wealth extending over the area of the Arab homeland. In other words hey possess in their hands the interests of America and the west. The Arabs could strangle imperialism and Zionism and put them in a bottleneck if they sincerely unified their ranks and did not divulge their secrets or sell them cheaply immediately after concluding their meetings. They can renew the building of their contemporary history. But the period of intellectual decline and division the Arabs live has is effect as the enemies have been able to study the psychology components of the Arab mentality and its traditions and history and benefited to the utmost from coining their greed and ambitions and visions in controlling the course of life, especially in how to deal with the Arabs.
Nevertheless the Arab solidarity is presently depicted in results of the latest meeting of the Arab foreign ministers that yielded steps and measures that may herald some thing good for supporting struggle of the Palestinian people whose effect spreads all over the Arab homeland. That end would not be realized unless that enthusiasm is changed into an established awareness unifying the Arab nation's regimes and organisations to stand up for backing the uprising of the Palestinian people.