Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/751/Press Review]

July 1 2004

24 June 2004
Main headlines
– In his first interview after his return home, Muhsin : The authority has to take the initiaative to call on others to re-construct the homeland
– Political security summons Salaman, trial of Saad and the Ihya' Al-Arabi newspaper postponed
– Journalists syndicate entrusts Al-Bukari with following up the complaint against the Shoura newspaper

Columnist Hussen Abdulmajeed says in an article that Yemen would not attain to achieving the modern state, a state of law and order as long as the ruling authority is staying in power and he says he thinks that the more important matters help it stay in power are:
– the constitution in its present status does not allow the peaceful transfer of power because it has the condition that the presidential candidate should gain approval of the parliament and the shoura council which are in fact affiliate of the authority,
– the general people's congress that has been formed by the authority and gathered members for it from among the citizens and granted it the status of a political organisation, is not considered a political party because it has not been born through the people but rather one of the authority apparatuses,
-the opposition parties: it has become a common sense that the genuine democracy necessitates the establishment of a ruling authority and a strong and effective opposition. Opposition parties shed light on work of the authority and criticize it and push it to rectify its course.