Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/755/Press Review]

July 15 2004

July 2004
Main headlines
– Disclosing of a new oil scandal
– YSP elements, still targeted

Columnist Khalid Salman says in his front page article that of the painful paradoxes the anniversary of the war that tore apart the homeland in 1994 comes coinciding with another bloody war grinding the security and stability of the homeland, a war made of Saada a point to lean on and a launching pad to cover the country with its dangerous impact and consequences threatening the popular peace and the national unity. it is no secret that Yemen and foe decades has not taken off the armors of war. The dependence on violence in dealing with others, such as political parties, individuals and even the religious sects. There is no open margin or alternatives the rule presents outside the context of the mechanism of banishment and uprooting and prioritizing the authority of the establishment holding the power. The coincidence of the homeland setback in the summer of 1994 with celebrations and costing wars witnessed in one of the country's governorates comes as an evidence on the same roots and generators of a war tearing the homeland unity.