Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/789/Press Review]

November 11 2004

4 Nov.2004
Main headlines
– Muqbil: Sheikh Zaid was an example to be followed
– Publisher of Isbou newspaper assails his own paper and offers apology to the Saudi ambassador
– Reform the course of unity and democracy and struggle for a better Yemen: YSP in Aden
– Taiz female teachers deprived of their right to work
– YSP Secretary-General congratulates the return of sheikh al-Ahmar

Columnist Abdulbarri Tahir says in his article the burial alive of a girl was a habit followed in the pre-Islam era. And despite that Islam has prohibited it, some Arabs continued in burying alive the talents, skills and intelligent brains even at the beginning of the 21st century.
The writer has brought this historical story on the occasion of mentioning about the suspension of Al-Nida'a newspaper in Yemen even after the publication of its first edition. The writer says the Al-Nida'a newspaper is not a political adversary but rather a voice, rather “exceptional” for some because since its first issue has called for freedom, democracy and justice and used a judicious rational address. Suspension of al-Nida'a newspaper arouses suspicion about respect of the law in a country where law is the weakest aspect. When the law is weak in countering terrorism, corruption, arms trafficking, plundering the public property and challenging the state, but powerful in fighting the word and freedom of expression, force would become the only governing power.
The state has scored victory over all military rebellions because it declares its bias to democracy and political pluralism, the right to peaceful transfer of power and resorting to balloting boxes.
Confronting the word kidnapping, as what happened to journalist al-Khaiwani and closing the Shoura newspaper and silencing the voice of Al-Nida'a newspaper are acts more dangerous than facing a military rebellion. By suppression the freedom of expression, the state declares its bias to military duel and opens the door widely before the force and violence.