Al-Thawry [Archives:2004/799/Press Review]

December 16 2004

9 Dec. 2004
Main headlines
– Military expenditure tops the list of the state budget, a silent dose under implementation
– In a consultative meeting about al-Khaiwani imprisonment, Head of the YSP bloc at the parliament discloses about pressures inside parliament
– Report warns of environmental pollution in Sana'a basin
– Demand for allocating 5% of oil revenues for Mareb
– Human Rights activists accused of violating human rights

Tawakul Abdulsallam Karman says in an article day by day the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate proves to be feeling a sense of responsibility towards the entire world journalists regardless of their race and colour. Its statements, which contain tits solidarity or condemnation, makes one feel it is at a high level of sense of responsibility.
Here in Yemen, there is a 'Syndicate without borders', refusing to have artificial political or geographical boundaries that may preclude it from expressing solidarity with and feeling pain for the journalist wherever he is. The only condition is that you are not a journalist in Yemen or a member of the syndicate. We say to those offering solidarity to Journalist Allouni as out of charity, your colleague al-Khaiwani in the Central Prison in Sana'a has more right to your solidarity. He is a live human, even though he is held inside a cell not good for human use.
Addressing the members of the YJS, the writer urges them to work for not having their colleague al-Khaiwani or any other colleague is in prison. It is a stand surpassing issuance of statements or protesting. It should be a practice of protest in word and action.