Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/805/Press Review]

January 6 2005

30 December, 2004
Main headlines

– The Central Committee approves,

The 5th General Conference in June

– YSP bloc refuses it, JMP holds the president responsible,

The Parliament resumes discussion of the state budget

– Washington warns its nationals against visiting Aden

The newspaper's political editor says that when the Eritrean president Afwerki came to Yemen some weeks ago, the Yemeni media's tone was, as it is their manner, to beef up goals of the visit, hoping the turning of the past chapter with the Eritrean neighbor. However, that exaggerated praise did not last but a short time and then disappeared at Afwerki's statements at joint press conference with the Yemeni president when he announced that the goal of his visit was not exceeding a discussion of an agreement intended for regulating fishery between the two countries. Fishing question has always been a reason for tense relations especially that it has included retention of fishermen and continued skirmishes.

Sana'a settlement inside a grouping of underdeveloped countries along with Khartoum, Addis Ababa and Somalia, may be the best position under a world classification following September 11. Such a grouping would raise importance status of those countries as they are states possessing all reasons for terrorism, and failure in development. This common classification that grouped those countries would give it a meaning to be confined within a framework of fighting terror and putting pressure on them to adopt democratic and social reforms that will narrow spaces of terror and grant the peoples long-awaited rights.