Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/807/Press Review]

January 13 2005

6 January 2005
Main headlines

– “Ruling corruption” sanctions the deadly dose, opposition declares its refusal

– Sentences on imprisonment of journalists

– University professor discloses bad conditions of Hadramout University administration

– Committee on unifying educational unionist work calls for a meeting on February 5

Columnist Abdeh Farie Nouman writes an article discussing the census saying the population of Yemen in all its cities and villages have received the census operation with welcome and expectation of good and change of conditions. They considered it an important turning point forming a new and positive achievement on the road of improving their living. They have taken it as a way through which they would move to safety and security, which a condition that guarantees the process of investment and development for the growth of the national economy and realisation of self-sufficiency.

What is disappointing during the process of census is that the questions in census forms focused on knowing houses supplies such as washing machines, refrigerators, gas cookers and kitchen utensils tc. all those questions have nothing to do with the essential issues or the goals of census. We hoped that questions of the census were to concentrate on what aimed at improvement of conditions and living of the people and developing the national economy through knowing the number of family members or those who had slept in the house at that night. Questions should have focused also on the number of those studying at various stages of schooling, the graduates, the unemployed and others such questions. They should have asked the people about their ideas about the standard of living and high prices of foodstuffs and their subjugation to health monitoring. With such like questionnaires we would help ourselves in laying the first bricks for scientific planning for the development our country and society.