Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/817/Press Review]

February 18 2005

10 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– Jihad organisation in Yemen recruits youth to fight Americans and the British

– Tens of Hitat Mujahideen takes part in fighting American forces in Iraq

– From behind the bars, al-Khaiwani: The trial is political, judiciary not independent

– Physicians and pharmacists begin gradual strike

– Prosecution summons al-Thawri newspaper editor in chief and a number of writers

– Educational professions union re-forms its branches in the governorates

Columnist Abdeh Farie Nouman says in his article the trade unions, especially those of education and civil society organizations, or the facade of democracy of any political system placing itself on he list of democratic regimes. Looking at reality of trade unions and their general federation in our country, we find out they are dwindling and dying gradually because the random privatization has played a negative role in cancelling many of unionist organizations the privatization was not was not intended to bring forth organized and planned economic alternatives aimed at improving our economic and living situations, but were meant in favour of persons whose only concern is robbing the people's accomplishments and their rights and properties.

The writer affirms that trade unions and civil society organisations in Yemen do not entertain any kind of freedom and independence or an amount of democracy or the freedom of peaceful expression through protest demonstrations.