Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/823/Press Review]

March 10 2005

3 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– American prosecution accuses Ali Muhsin and al-Fadhli of terror

– International Journalists Union asks Schroeder to interfere for the protection of journalists

– Parliamentarians dictate transmission of their session, recommendation of abolishing imprisonment of the journalist

– Arrests campaigns include scientists and children

– Three killed, others wounded in tribal fight in Taur al-Bahah area

Columnist Tawakul Abdulsallam Karman writes that the problem with judiciary with jurists and pressmen protesting the restraining of freedoms, but rather with those who have rendered it into a tool wiping dust smearing their faces and other things. Moreover, the judiciary is not independent as claimed by the appeals court judge in his session last Tuesday.

What happened at that session of attack on lawyers was not out of the judge independent will. The proof is the pre-organized security aggression at previous sessions. It had appeared from the beginning that security men were prepared already to attack lawyers Naji Allaw and Jamal al-Jaabi and also the annoying colleagues of journalist al-Khaiwani. They started implementation of military orders before directives of the judge.

The court of appeals that needed six months to pronounce the verdict even without listening to statements of defense for al-Khaiwani and deliberations of those who appealed, related the comedies that the judiciary is suffering from, which is unprecedented in the whole world.

Lawyers and sympathizers with al-Khaiwani have to boycott sittings of this court. There is no use of reading their defense, as they are aware that judges would not listen to them and would only obey what they receive from the ruler.