Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/829/Press Review]

March 31 2005

24 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– Draft law leading to raise prices

– Taiz security arrests tens of tradesmen and levies taxes

– Salary strategy at the forum of parliamentary dialogue

– Lawyers union demands activation of the case of aggression on al-Jaabi and Allaw

Columnist Abdeh Farie Nouman writes that the personality of the human is c9ompleted and grown in learning and growth of knowledge with regard to influencing and being influenced with the events of life and everyday life for the laying of its constituents via their development.

A scrutinizing look at the present curricula would reveals that there is nothing that help scientific growth or paves the way for teachers in their educational work, i.e. linking the growth of science to the educational process for building the personality and completion of its role in life.

We in fact do not possess proper curricula put under scrutiny and continual revision according to remarks and comments of teachers and inspectors. Here the ministry of education bears the responsibility for enlightening the state and the society about the special attention to this question.

Yemen has abundance of qualified cadres and expertise for the preparation and re-formulation of modern school curricula compatible with developments of the age. If we do not benefit from those cadres and expertise for such modernization, the activity of education would be confined to the most dangerous things and accumulation of problems hard to solve.