Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/833/Press Review]

April 14 2005

7 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– War in Saada and annihilation in Taiz

– At the backdrop of wastes in Taiz, in one village, 21 mysterious disease cases

– Taiz finance director refuses directives of Bajammal and al-Hijri

– Expected meeting between the president and al-Ahmar

– Judge of the criminal court appoints a defense lawyer for Dailami and Muftah, described as a “detective”

Columnist Abdeh Farie Nouman says in an article the Yemeni people have been optimist when the Yemeni unity was realized on May 22, 1990. The Yemenis are optimist people, patient and struggling unprecedentedly. They have bitterly strived for that since the beginning of the national movement and the popular movement fighting colonialism and backwardness and reactionary all over Yemen.

The Yemeni unity was a product of the people's consciousness in September and October and was based on historical and sincere agreements and terms. Those who turned against the people's destinies and gains violated its principles and deviated from them. They dragged it to deformed tracks called annexation and lies and non-credibility. Thus, the citizen in some governorates has become no longer any status or human rights in unity and equal citizenship.