Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/837/Press Review]

April 28 2005

21 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– Government militarize seaports

– Journalists Salaman and Saqqaf before court

– In the JMP dialogue with ruling party, Opposition asks for timetable, time ceiling, transparency and implementation mechanism,

– Arab teachers deported in an inappropriate manner

Columnist Ahmed Saleh Ghalib al-Faqieh says in his article the European Union is one of the most important donating parties for Yemen. Despite the EU knowledge of the volume of governmental corruption, it continues to fund this corruption in a way similar to what Arab Gulf funds do.

If the Gulf funds render care to corruption that has made Yemen paying high price from its national territories in the border agreement between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, what is the interest of the European Union in rendering care for the Yemeni governmental corruption?

There are some shyly made attempts by the European Union to control and watch the use of funds granted to Yemen. But those attempts are not enough. Spending those grants and conclusion of contracts are in the hands of the government machinery where a big part of those funds goes to pockets of the corrupt. The World Bank has an experiment represented by the unit of funding and implementation of rural road projects. It is a unit subject to direct supervision of the World Bank through its office in Yemen and efficient Yemeni engineers and administrators run it. I think it is time for the European Union to follow suit of the World Bank through creating similar units to supervise contracts and implementation of projects at all sectors that are under the EU direct supervision.