Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/839/Press Review]

May 5 2005

28 Apr.2005
Main headlines:

– In the wake of acquitting the murderers of Jarallah Omar, a demand for an international investigation and exert pressure on the Yemeni government to stop liquidation of opponents

– A demand for election of a new parliamentary presidential body

– Head of YSP parliament bloc criticizes the government stance towards universities strike

– Sana'a university maintains its strike

– “Al-Nahar” newspaper on trial for lawsuits of Al-Thawra hospital and Jaashin sheik

Columnist Ibrahim Hassan says in an article the Yemeni center for documentation and information is conducting preparations for holding symposiums, among them one “Yemen and Normalization” and 15 years of Yemen Unity.

The question of Yemeni official normalization with Israel is old and new and has many channels and men. For a very long time, Israel has not carried out any hostile acts against Yemen and the Yemeni official address towards Israel does no longer with that strength. While the popular condemnation, under the slogan of “death to Israel” has become banned and praying against it is no longer commendable.

If an opinion poll were to be conducted with a random sample of people in Yemen about official normalization with Israel, the results, according to an impartial reading of the popular temperament and monitoring politicians' orientations in Yemen, would be 70% with normalization with Israel.

Normalization is not necessarily a free service, the calculation of profits and losses has to be taken into account as important. Experts of politics, economy and culture are capable of defining the asset. The asset should not necessarily be in the form of creditor or debtor. The Yemeni-Israeli trading accountancy would be just and according to each party's capability.

I am definite that the authority in Yemen wants to cross towards normalization but it exaggerates in estimation of the opposition's response, which is a modest one regarding such an affair. I am also certain that the opposition may bid because it does not such an accomplishment to be recorded in favour of authority.