Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/841/Press Review]

May 12 2005

5 May 2005
Main headlines:

– With a calendar of violations and restrictions, Yemeni journalists marked the world day of press freedom

– Dr al-Mikhlafi: pursuing partisan press aims the last phenomenon of democracy

– At backdrop of the sales law, Sana'a chamber of commerce and industry brings suit against the president, al-Ahmar and government

– As teaching staff strike continues, Sana'a University grants security apparatuses new authorities for watching

Writer Shukri al-Maamari writes saying it is not too late to embark on taking steps that will ensure the stability of political situations and to conduct dialogues and revisions on major and secondary issues that form challenges and essential obstacles. Those issues cannot be overstepped with regards of the democratic concept that does not admit granting and prevention. The required steps are to be aimed at comprehensive national reconciliation so that the political forces and organisations of the civil society are able to take part in building the state of law and order, stability of economic, social and security situation and strengthening the organizational and administrative structure of executive and legislative establishments. All those would target the enhancement of general prosperity, providing the opportunity for preparing suitable climates to enrich the democratic practice. Without democracy, we cannot talk about economic and social development or aspire for real modernization of the society, providing social justice or expansion of popular participation.

We wish the authority would benefit from what is going on in the region and take speedy steps towards introduction of genuine political and democratic reforms aimed at treating existing problems at all levels. The authority should also endeavour to stabilize the concept of settlement of issues of variance and dispute in our political culture with regard to accepting the other, dialogue and recognition of the principle of participation of all and mutual respect and common interest. The delay in such acts would lead to real disasters because they have become urgent to come out from the impasse.