Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/846/Press Review]

May 30 2005

26 May 2005
Main headlines

– Blasting offices of the YSP resumed

– YSP Central Committee holds its session Monday

– In the constituent of the preparatory committee of youth and students, GPC chairman, YSP deputy chairman and Islah general coordinator

– Wide-scale denunciation for attacks the two colleagues Hafidh and Hujaira have come under

– A follow-up committee for prisoners formed

Columnist Tawakul Abdulsallam Karman writes saying the abandonment of democratic contents that came as a condition and twin of the unity, emptying the draft constitution of the unity through amendments and omission of its essential articles, such as relinquishment of the presidency council, wide-range-authorities local rule then the fearful receding from the democratic margin, make us feel that while we are celebrating the political unity we find ourselves pitying our feeling of our national unity. It also makes us fear to see those who came to the unity by their own will, their convictions about the unity have receded after 15 years of unity.

Democracy is the major condition for the stay of the national unity of the unity state people and it is a moral and legal obligation. The more there is distancing from democracy, the more there is the danger against the unity. In this Day of Unity, the regime appeared to be bankrupt. Its inability has become clear in meting its obligations towards the unity, its agreements towards its people and the world at the same time.