Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/876/Press Review]

September 12 2005

1 Sept. 2005
Main headlines:

– International organisation report: It is very difficult to work as an independent journalist in Yemen

– Government bureaucracy and fragility of judiciary, impede investment

– YS P general secretariat condemn pursuit campaigns against “Ath-Thawri” newspaper

– Reporters without borders organisation: Media in Yemen exposed to continued harassments

Columnist Ali Yassin writes saying the public opinion is clearly divided about the stance regarding the attitude against statement of the general federation of trade unions toward the wages strategy and its categorical refusal of it, also about timing the workers declaration. This stand has led to this division. The declaration came late and therefore the general federation of trade unions would not realise the aspired for and targeted result from its stand.

Many see that this federation should have not waited almost two months since the issuance of the wages and salaries law, but rather it had to announce its stand at the moment when the law was issued on the 18th of last July. Moreover, the federation should have announced its stand from the government decision of increasing prices of oil products that caused the increase in prices of foodstuffs in a manner harmed the living conditions of workers and employees.