Al-Thawry [Archives:2005/900/Press Review]

December 5 2005

1 Dec.2005
Main headlines

– Severe campaign against the JMP YSP secretary-General: Reform document does not target the president

– MP Mohammed Saleh Ali questions education minister on embezzlement of YR 99 million

– MPs: State budget for 206 deepens corruption, lacks scientific planning

The newspaper political editor writes that reactions expressed by the government newspapers against the initiative of the national and political reform launched by parties of the JMP do not reflect maturity in political performance.

They confirm that there are some who could not live without crises or producing them. The national sense of responsibility versus the decline in various political, economic and social situations themselves that called on the national forces to play their role and to diagnose the problem and suggest the solutions and cures.

Nevertheless, they opened the door for all parties to discuss the initiative and hold dialogue on it to reach a common vision on building the homeland and leading it out of the tunnel it is in.

As was expected, some GPC leaders have said that by its comprehensive initiative, the opposition has targeted the president of the republic, a matter refuted by leaders of the JMP from the very beginning. Others said contents of the initiative have been prepared at cafes of Washington and London. What arouses resentment is that these sides which appear unable to face the corruption and squander of the country's wealth rush ferociously to attack the JMP draft instead of studying it, evaluate it and benefit from it. Official policies did not see in the initiative but imaginary dangers to their immediate interests.