Al-Thawry [Archives:2006/1002/Press Review]

November 27 2006

23 Nov. 2006
Main headlines

– Hysterical rise in prices of food stuffs

– Al-Attas: The elections have put democracy on its proper track

– He took his decision without knowledge of party organizations, the YSP general secretariat: Salman was subject to pressures for many years, prevented from writing and judiciary was used as a trap for imprisoning him

– Penal court decides death penalty against one of the accused and imprisonment for the rest of the accused of their membership of Sana'a Cell

– Corruption suspicion behind the fire in the higher education ministry

– Conflict between the economic establishment and merchants on monopolizing importation of wheat

– Gunmen steal citizens' houses in Reema

The newspaper's political editor wrote in his article that the parliament is discussing in its present session a draft law on fighting corruption the government has submitted. The draft law stipulates the formation of an 11-member national; body for fighting corruption. The body's members are to be from those possessing efficiency and decency and among them representatives of the woman and civil society organizations to be elected in secret ballot by members of the parliament. This move has been considered by observers as a forward step in withdrawing authorities of appointment by the president in that it makes the body more independent and neutral in practicing its constitutional tasks.

In the context of the exaggerated talk since the end of the presidential elections on seriousness of the authority and the ruling party in fighting financial corruption and stopping the policy of plundering the wealth of the country focus is only put on the legal and legislative aspect. Besides the talk on combating corruption there also the talk about the law of tenders and biddings, the law of public service rotation, amendment of the law of judicial and local power and other tens of laws and draft law on the government and parliament agenda.

Some ascribe the authority and the ruling party flood of talk about fighting corruption by reproductive legislations to two major factors. the first one is the attempt to appease and convince the public opinion and Yemeni electors that the ruling party is serious in implementing the president's election program and promises after the authority has noticed that the presidential elections have made the people for the first time in the Yemeni emerging democracy as a major part in the political process and one of the factors of making the policy and its directions which is an important matter that could not have happened unless the opposition took part in it and its competition for the first post in the state. The second matter is related to pressures of the donor countries that put the condition that the Yemeni government has to hasten in introducing a group of political reforms and measures named beforehand.