Al-Thawry [Archives:2006/962/Press Review]

July 10 2006

6 Jul 2006
Main headlines

– JMP nominates Bin Shamlan the coming president of Yemen

– Bin Shamlan: Changing the current situations depends on the political system

– YSP assistant secretary-general Batheeb calls on the socialists to rally behind the JMP candidate

– JMP holds the elections supreme Commission responsible for poisoning elections atmospheres

– Journalists will not throw away their syndicate or allow authorities impose guardianship on them

– 15 bullets kill him, Journalists Syndicate demands interior ministry capture killers of journalist al-Aseeli

Writer Tawakul Abdulsallam Karman says in her article at last the JMP has chosen its candidate and that has been a great achievement. The difficult question was repeatedly being asked if the JMP will succeed in selecting the suitable candidate. By selecting Bin Shamlan, the JMP has succeeded in restoring confidence to many that the JMP is not just an alliance whose members do not know what they want. It has been a clear message to those whose enthusiasm level dropped after the signing on the agreement of principles, and to tell them that you can bet on us and we bet on you.

Addressing members of the JMP, the writer says day by day you prove to be trustworthy and can wager on you. Some were saying it is a transient alliance governed by contradictions of the past, but the days pass and you left behind your backs whatever was said. The writer says our demands are clear and our expectations are clearer. We are going to the polling boxes to win and we possess all qualifications of winning.