Al-Thawry [Archives:2006/970/Press Review]

August 7 2006

3 Aug 2006.
Main headlines

– Bin Shamlan: Among my priorities improvement of the people living, Corruption devoured large numbers of the state treasury

– The parliament put condition of constitutional amendments to endorse agreement of the international criminal court

– Opposition leaderships condemn the massacre of Qana, holds America and Arab silence responsible for what is befalling the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples

– Prisoners released from the political security prisons

– JMP calls for economic debate between its candidate and president Saleh

– MP Sakhr al-Wajieh resigns from tee ruling party

– YSP condemns the Zionist massacres, calls for unity and support for the resistance

Writer Yassin Dhaifallah says in his article that the Zionist aggression on Lebanon against the civilians and towns and villages, destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure and mass massacres are acts prohibited by war laws and Geneva conventions. These acts are not counted as war gains made by one of the warring parties. The bravery displayed by the resistance in confronting the aggression and preventing the enemy from achieving any military gain is an indicator of the resistance superiority in fighting performance and dealing with the rapid changes if the military situation positively. The resistance has prepared itself in a good manner politically, militarily and in security area to be able to deal with abilities of the Zionist army.

Among the factors of the resistance successes are:

– its knowledge of the nature of the enemy and ways of his forces action,

– using the capabilities in compatible with the nature of the enemy,

– availability of security and intelligence information of the enemy,

– the using of several tactics of fighting,

– good blending between the tactics and laws of guerrilla war and wars of confrontation,

– the good use of rockets to reduce the enemy's air and naval pressure,

– the good use of the land and means of camouflage and hiding of troops.