Al-Thawry [Archives:2006/986/Press Review]

October 2 2006

28 Sep 2006
Main headlines

– Described the results of the ruling party victory as direction imposed on the people, Bin Shamlan: the elections changed from democratic festivity to mourning

– Dr. Yassin: the SCER played down the wills of the masses and the change

– The general secretariat calls on the JMP and the YSP's to maintain peaceful struggle for the effect of change

– The JMP: The declared results lack the people's support

In his front-page article, writer Khalid Salman says when we took part in the elections we aware enough of the imposition characteristic of the regime and its hostile essence to the extent of bloodshed versus the idea of change.

When hundreds of thousands and millions cast their sight towards embracing he ideas of the change we were certain that an authority refusing to allow using the Sabeen Square to be used for holding the JMP rally would not hand over for whatever consequences the presidential palace or step down from the decision.

While knocking at the door of change and writing for the people the most beautiful days on the page of tomorrow which they have not experienced yet, we were not ploughing the sea. We were aware of consequences of this option and that the introspective thought and besieged behind the place walls with illusions of grandeur and absolute leadership, will not give in to peaceful options void of the smell of powder or plots of jumping over to power. We realized that this thought handover the rudder of Yemen's ship; it would not resort to a polling box or announce that the election card is more sacred than a coup tank. We were and still are aware that the change is more complicated than toppling a regime with a knock out hit. The change is a continuous action, accumulation of experiences, refining of wills and ripening of ideas and mechanisms, of which reins we have now taken hold.

Now time has come to re-read the scene and pave the road of change with clear visions and to go together; people and opposition towards achieving it.