Al-Thawry [Archives:2006/988/Press Review]

October 9 2006

5 Oct. 2006
Main headlines

– Dr. Yassin to the Emirates al-Bayan newspaper: We are not sorry for taking part, the elections singled out new political reality

– To make up for what the ruling party spent on its propaganda and buying voter voices, The government collects Zakat from foreign oil companies

– JMP's election challenges in Dhalie rejected

– JMP reveals to the society the ruling party's electoral crimes, renews its clinging to peaceful struggle

– Cheating in specifications, rise in prices, Collapse of Yemeni currency and warnings of inedible foods

In his front-page article writer Khalid Sultan says the political vivacity is not a product of the instant or a resounding explosion for change. The political activity, according to the Yemeni electoral scene is larger than confining it to two de3scriptions of absolute defeat or the sweeping victory it is mobility I whose context we read what ability it owns to lay the foundation stone of the upcoming change.

The elections whose results had been plundered and were violated during the stages of holding them are not the end of a course but a point for clinging to and a start. The elections managed to unmask ugliness of the governance face and mentality and its obsession for staying in power despite of the people will, defying the laws of change. The elections succeeded in awakening the hidden awareness of the people, dropped the backward concepts of unilateralism and laid more than one brick on a long and costly road, but with happy endings and plenty of results in the direction of rectifying the failures in the criteria of choosing the ruler and reconsideration of concepts of presidency as a post and a job and election as a right and the people's will as basic and decisive player in drawing the shape of Yemen.