Al-Thawry [Archives:2008/1120/Press Review]

January 14 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008
Top Stories

– JMP rejects government's decision to increase prices, warns it instigating army against citizens

– YSP former Secretary General: Our party will never abandon any national issue, the authority has no unionist project

– Aden to host a reconciliation and forgiving conference on Sunday

– Citizens stage huge protest against government in Dhale' as retirees' demands remain unmet

– Yadoumi takes job of late Al-Ahmar as Islah Party Chairman until the party holds conference

– JMP praises peaceful struggle, warns authority of destroying national partnership

Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) leadership warned the ruling party and its government of taking a step toward addressing any of the national issues without involving the opposition parties, the weekly reported in a front page story. It added that the JMP leadership confirmed such behavior may destroy the rules and principles of national partnership and peaceful coexistence.

The weekly quoted JMP Official Spokesman Mohammed Al-Sabri as saying that “the meeting held by JMP leadership and the coalition's executive staff gave a top priority to the phenomenon of price hikes, experienced in the Yemeni markets. It criticized the government plans and policies that failed to improve the country's ailing economy and citizens' living standards, accusing it of taking secretive decisions that may lead to destroying social security.

According to JMP spokesman, the meeting discussed the escalation of protests nationwide, commending the peaceful struggle, which is practiced by citizens in different Yemeni governorates, specifically the southern ones. He clarified that the dialogue between JMP and the ruling party is over because the latter mishandled the dialogue-related agreements, once reached and approved by both sides.

Al-Sabri confirmed that the meeting discussed the government's use of military force against citizens, who claim their legal rights via peaceful protests, and the series of threats it directs against the opposition parties. He further added that the authority turned to investigate army forces against innocent citizens at the expense of doing their national job that is of defending the country and protecting its borders.