Al-Thawry [Archives:2008/1134/Press Review]

March 3 2008

Thursday, February 28
Top Stories

– U.S. Administration slams Yemen for releasing one of FBI wanted suspects

– Aden hosts function for documenting political assassination incidents since 1994

– Demise of YSP leader results in postponing a prospective demonstration in Hadramout

– Sana'a releases two of Sa'ada war prisoners, publish names of freed inmates

– Thousands of teachers hold protests nationwide over poor living conditions

– Social mediation ends tensions in Radfan

– Marib citizens press government to fulfill development and political demands

The Marib Forum's Higher Staff call on all Marib citizens to hold a meeting in Al-Suheil area on March 7 after the local authority and governorate's leadership refused to meet a list of development and political demands made up by a popular rally's consensus last November, the weekly reported. It instructed citizens on Monday to carry with them food, drinks and any basic necessities so that they can continue their protest until their demands are met.

The forum's higher staff advised citizens how to claim their confiscated dignity and sacrifice all they have for defending their rights and legal demands. “You have to bear in mind that your march must continue without halt in order for your governorate to get development projects, and enjoy security and stability. You are also needed to demonstrate a strong determination if you want to have your demands met,” it went on to say.

The forum's higher staff sent out a letter to President Saleh containing as many as 22 demands, which were listed via a consensus reached at a popular rally staged last November.