Al-Thawry [Archives:2008/1136/Press Review]

March 10 2008

Thursday, March 6
Top Stories

– Al-Janadi denies that he accused Houthis of killing a war prisoner

– YSP Secretary in Aden: Secession and animosity slogans have nothing to do with the dire situation in the country

– Aden Security department rejects a court order in favor of a former deputy interior minister

– Information Ministry suspends Al-Sabah newspaper for covering protests in south Yemen

– Thousands of teachers stage a huge demonstration in Rahida although authorities released detained poet

– Laborers protest at Marib governorate's premises, accusing ruling party of rigging trade union's votes

Tens of public sector workers gathered on Monday before Marib governorate's premises protesting against the ruling party for allegedly rigging trade union elections that took place in the governorate, the weekly reported in one of its front page stories. It added that the Marib local authority ordered tens of security and military soldiers to take control of the hall where the election was held, following withdrawal of the protesters, who challenged integrity of the election and neutrality of the supervisory committee in charge of overseeing the electoral process.

According to the weekly, the protesters also demanded the competent authorities in the government to take firm procedures against those accused of rigging the vote and committing other illegal violations with the intention of manipulating the vote result in favor of the ruling party.

Despite two of the supervisory committee members quit as a result of the challenges presented by the protesters, branch of the General People Congress in the governorate continued its activities and manipulated the vote result in favor of its candidates. The correspondent in Marib mentioned that the protestors staged a peaceful demonstration after they withdrew from the election conference, adding that they didn't involve in clashes with policemen.

The weekly quoted a protestor as saying that there are individuals, who were appointed by the ruling party as agents for its candidates, however, they don't work in the governorate, pointing out that the party also appointed ghost workers.