Al-Umma [Archives:2003/641/Press Review]

June 12 2003

5 June 2003
Main headlines:
– $600 thousand for treatment of new MPs, ad hoc committees with specialists
– Central council for al-Quds foundation holds its meetings in Sana'a
– Continuation of human rights violations in Yemen
– Yemen Socialist Party calls for a national meeting to discuss the issue of killing Jarallah Omar
– A symposium on environment at Information Faculty
Columnist Abdullah Al-Dahmashi says in an article that the American administration has announced that it would not allow the political system in Iraq to resemble that in Iran or pro-Tehran. At a time Washington does not conceal its threats in repeated warnings to Iran against any interference in Iraq's affairs, the American vision of the new Iraq extends to the Iranian depth as part of a new strategy for containing its continuous threats of the American interests in oil and security and America's ally the Zionist entity. Hence there is nothing new in the American political and military priorities more than the image where Iran becomes similar or pro new Iraq.
Precluding the establishment of an Iraqi regime similar to the Iranian regime is not dictated by causes of precaution of the establishment of a sectarian Shiite unification in he two countries but rather imposed by strategic determinants of the American foreign policy towards the region in particular and the world in general. The only way to protect the new Iraq against influences of the neighboring countries is that those neighbors must be of the same image of Iraq. The American steps began moving in that direction from Evian summit where it has condemned the Iranian endeavors for nuclear armament to be integrated with what it describes as fighting terror in order to place the Iranian leadership in confrontation with of the new challenges. From the American perspective the Iranian threat to the new Iraq is capable of containment with a strategy taking its reasons in terror, weapons of mass destruction and democracy to cover up its strategic aims that are based on toppling the regime. This has now been proved after the occupation of Iraq and would not change in its pursuit towards Iran. Throughout thirteen years Iraq has offered a live experiment proving that abiding by the international legitimacy and dealing in credibility with the American pretexts would not achieve the aspired for results but in the amount preparing the circumstances suitable for dealing a pre-emotive military strike towards toppling the Iranian regime.