Al-Umma [Archives:2003/645/Press Review]

June 26 2003

19 June 2003
Columnist Hassan bin Hassaynoun tackled in his article the dangerous role the American diplomatic missions and their culture attaches offices are playing in in various world countries and particularly in the Arab homeland. They strongly promote the American culture that is in reality American and Zionist politics and culture. That role focus mainly on independent cultural and journalist institutions through intensified visits to these sensitive places that play very influential role in formation of the local public opinion in defining its course and direction. This policy has not been confined to visits to these information institutions but also meetings with the largest possible number of intellectuals and media men. These meetings aim at attracting them by various forms of material and moral temptations and invitation s to visit the United States to get acquainted with information media there, which are in fact under control of the Zionist lobby. For the past five decades this policy has been playing a dangerous role in feeding disputes, divisions , conflicts and civil wars in this country or that and even between the Arab regimes and peoples.