Al-Umma [Archives:2003/646/Press Review]

June 30 2003

26 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Aden-Abyan army resumes its activity, America buys Yemenis' weapons
– Dhamar governor gives directives to arrest a group illusively recruits people
The newspaper's political editor says we are certainly part of the present Arab deteriorated reality. We are coming under a ferocious attack aiming at the Arab man, history and both present and future.
The Arab homeland in under regime whose only concern is to preserve their posts and seats while their peoples are leading the oppression of the kin and the foreign. There is no freedom, no democracy but corruption prevalent everywhere in addition to poverty and hunger. after fifty years of lamentation over Palestine we have bgun now to weep over Iraq following the American occupation. The painful thing is that some have till now not lost hope in the awakening of our rulers and regimes, expecting they would shoulder their responsibility.