Al-Umma [Archives:2004/723/Press Review]

March 25 2004

18 March 2004
Main headlines
– Economic recession, government prevents demonstrations
– Al-Haq party secretary general congratulates on safety of sheikh Al-Ahmer
– Al-Habib al-Jifri called for the nation's unity
– Residents of A'ns demand their plundered properties
– Crimes of Yemeni children trafficking
– Symposium on Yemen's history
In its editorial the newspaper says the crimes of targeting the innocent Spanish civilians and others in Madrid represents the highest degree of savagery, extremism and terror condemned by all worldly and heavenly laws and religions. They express a rancour against humanity and intentional offending of Islam and Muslims. It is very strange to have the so-called al-Qaeda organisation adopting the crime at a time the Spanish government that no one can deny its fanaticism and rancour against the Arabs and Muslims and taking part in aggression on Iraq had announced its accusation of the ETA organisation. It is as if the purpose of that stance was for more deformation of Islam and offense against the Muslims. And also was aimed t create more hatred and fanaticism with the people of Spain and the European peoples and to grant the extremist American administration and the terrorist Sharon and pillars of extremist right a chance for retaliation and launching war against the Muslims and the Arabs. The Spaniards were shocked while facing terrorist acts unjustifiable for their stand rejecting the policy of the government of Aznar that took part and supported the launching of aggression on Iraq. The Spanish people have nevertheless confirmed their orientation even after the painful events and held Aznar government the responsibility for the events and inflicted a resounding defeat on the ruling Spanish party and that was as a surprise that toppled all expectations of the government and observers.