Al-Umma [Archives:2004/725/Press Review]

April 1 2004

25 March 2004
Main headlines
– Al-Haq party condemns the crime of assassinating sheikh Yassin
– President Aden University cancels nominations of the university employees

The newspaper's editorial is devoted to discussing the crime of assassinating Sheikh Ahmed Yassin the founder ad leader of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. The editorial mentions that the days and events would prove to the world notorious terrorist Sharon that and his ally the White House that the crime would not go unpunished and would not achieve but the immediate goals of its perpetrators in satisfying their greed for the Palestinian people blood by all means and ways. It will only realize their intentions of terrorizing the people of Palestine and the attempt to weaken the resistance will of Hamas and the Palestinians.
But as the Zionist entity has been unable, since its foundation, to silence the resistance voice and stop the resistance, it would today or tomorrow discover that the martyrdom of sheikh Yassin was as a new start for resistance and an indignation against the occupiers and a strong moral push by which the Arab and Islamic nation the wrath would explode and strengthen their determination everywhere.