Al-Umma [Archives:2004/751/Press Review]

July 1 2004

24 June 2004
Main headlines
– Yemen's army destroys Sadda
– Amnesty International Organisation links increase in human rights violations to the war on the so-called terror

The political editor of the newspaper writes that there are inside and outside the government apparatus those who thrive on fabricating crises and tensions just to appease their sectarian or racial complexes. The follow a policy of divide and rule . This situation at least explains part of what is going on of events in the governorate of Sadda that had begun on Monday 20 June 2004. It is a military campaign headed for the area of Miran, Al-Hamzat and other places led by the governor Yahya al-Amri and general Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar. The goal of the campaign is the capture of Husein Badrudin Al-Hothy who leads a group of the slogan calling for death to America and Zionism.
The question is whether the state has exhausted all peaceful means and mediations in dialogue with those groups in ways guaranteeing the instigation of sedition and bloodshed. Is the mere raising of slogans hostile to America and Israel a great crime forming sensitivity to the regime? Isn't the amount and type of weapons used in the operation forming a stance by the authority discriminating against the scholars and citizens of the governorate?