Al-Umma [Archives:2004/759/Press Review]

August 29 2004

22 July 2004
Main headlines
– New arrests among the citizens because of opinion
– Two persons killed in firing incident at a private hospital in Dhamar
– Half million children between trafficking and dangerous labour
The political editor of the newspaper says in occupied Iraq, the occupation forces have tried all colonialist ways and Zionist intrigues to sow the seeds sectarian and ethnical conflict between Iraq's Shiites and Sunnis, its Arabs and Kurds and its Muslims and Christians in order to be able to impose their sinister whims and aims on the Iraqi people.
It has been very well seen the ugliness of the terrorist crimes and horrific massacres and targeting Iraq's sanctities and its scientists in order to use sectarian reactions. It has also been noted the occupation endeavour to adopt the sectarian and ethnic policy in posts that it has entrusted with its agents and collaborators. The sectarian card is one of the powder barrels ready to explode in more than one Arab and Islamic place, as is the view of the extremist Zionist rightist. Yemen is not far from this goal as the ill investment of the regrettable event in Saudi could drag the country into such conspiracies.