Al-Umma [Archives:2004/763/Press Review]

August 12 2004

5 August 2004
Main headlines
– Planes shell al-Hakmi mountain
– Cole explosion incident suspects demand transferring them to the Central Prison
– Cancer threatens employees of cinematography department at Aden TV channel
– Smuggled medicines seized at Sana'a airport and Hardh border crossing

The newspaper political editor says in his article there are some who try to blackmail the country, its sanctities, values, present and future in an oppressive totalitarian tendency taking from the course of events in Sa'ada a cover to display trends against concepts of political, ideological and social pluralism. Moving side by side with the ferocious war campaign in Sa'ada there are other campaigns of security suppression, terror and chasing individuals and groups in many a Yemeni city and governorate in addition to arbitrary closures of religious schools and institutes.