Al-Umma [Archives:2004/771/Press Review]

September 9 2004

2 Sept. 2004
Main Headlines
– 28 persons arrested on charges of affiliation to Imam Zaid society
– Scholars appeal to the president to stop the war in Sa'ada
– In the governorate of Sa'ada, sheiks and notables from Hamzat arrested
– JMP denounces legal violations in prosecution of Shoura newspaper
– Journalists Syndicate denounces illegal measures in al-Shoura prosecution

News department of the newspaper says Yemen has in the international news received during the past days a large portion of news dealing with the so-called terror and its issues inside and outside, where a group of Yemenis are prosecuted in Guantanamo on charges of their link to al-Qaeda. Yemen has also been a party in the report prepared by the UN Security Council with regard to smuggling arms from Yemen to Somalia, accusing Yemen and influential sides of selling weapons for high prices to the Somalis. Observers have associated the practice of German and other foreign military ships of searching Yemeni coast with the report.
The Yemeni government confirmations of fighting terror and cooperation with various countries in he world, especially America, have been expressed by separate trials of some persons of taking part in the attack on the USS Cole destroyer and those accused of attacking the French oil tanker Limburg and other incidents.