Al-Umma [Archives:2004/773/Press Review]

September 16 2004

9 Sept. 2004
Main headlines
– In the case of illegal appointments,
– The court obliges the Sana'a University presidency to reply to the lawsuit
– Resentment for the halt of work in the Mansoura corniche
– Lawyers Union and Arab Islamic Cultural Forum demand the immediate release of kidnapped French journalists
– Journalists without borders organization asks president Saleh to help release of al-Khiwani
The political editor of the newspaper says in his article on the revolution anniversary the masses of our people are celebrating this year the anniversary of September revolution in 1962 while the homeland is facing an ordeal of the war in Sa'ada and its consequences. It has been the revolution that inspired the Yemenis ideas of liberation from despotism and backwardness and heralded the positive change at all levels.
The revolution was not a plant coming from emptiness but rather came from the core of dreams and ambitions of the Yemeni people as a whole. The revolution was not intended to be against the Zaidi sect or other religious sects in the country, as some try to claim or impose their convictions and vision governed by their interests, privileges, influence and totalitarian ideology. The new generations of the revolution are looking forward to freedom, democracy, development, political pluralism and participation in building the Yemeni homeland.