Al-Umma [Archives:2005/821/Press Review]

March 3 2005

24 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– AL-Ghadeer detainees in Hajjah released

– Al-Haq party secretary general sends condolences to president Khatami of Iran on victims of Karman quake

– At the Nasserite Organisation 10th conference, Al-Mikhlafi calls for taking the nation and Yemen out of the dark tunnel

– In protest to suppressive measures. Al-Dailami and Muftah strike enters its second week

– JMP denounces the campaign against Sheik al-Ahmar and calls for policies reconsideration

– $2550, Saudi grant to Female Media Forum

– Teachers chairman demands for just criteria in honouring the teacher

Columnist Ali Saif Hassan says in an article this is an invitation to all those interested in the national affair in general. The invitation includes personalities, civil society organisations, and political parties. The call is based on the following determinants:

The aim behind the call is the participation in dialogue and discussion with possible and available means in order to complete building a complete national vision for a program for political reform. The time extent expected for accomplishment of completing the democratic change according to the program extends to the end of the remaining period of the present presidential term in September 2006.

The basic elements of the political reform program are still in their primary formula and are no more than a frame and do not include any of the social, cultural, economic and administrative content of reform because these issues are subjects of plurality and program diversity representing various components of the political system.