Al-Umma [Archives:2005/827/Press Review]

March 24 2005

17 Mar.2005
Main headlines

– In appeals to president of the republic, Yemeni religious scholars demand speedy release of prisoners and warn of the government sectarianism

– Casualties in the city of Taiz, partial strike and demonstrations against sales tax in the capital and governorates

– Sana'a sees Yemen's great poet Ahmed al-Shami to his last resting place

– Jurists: Prosecution of Dailami and Muftah fabricated, judiciary nondependent

– Teaching staff of Sana'a University continue their strike

– Armed clashes near the airport, Al-Jawf residents prevented from entering the capital

– Official statements admit 191 dengue cases and 12 deaths

– Four charges against al-Nahar weekly newspaper, Threats against al-Khaiwani and attack on al-Jaraash

None, whatever was his post in the government or in the opposition, can deny the extent of deterioration the country is witnessing at economic, social and political levels. The economic situation is miserable. The life or the people and what have affected them of decline is a clear evidence on the difficulty of the internal conditions as a whole while the talk about financial, administrative and economic reform has become a tedious one under the fearful retreat in the individual and society income.

Frankly speaking, the country is in need of a political reform leading to financial, economic and administrative reforms. This reform would not come but from a political will by the president of the republic, the government and parliament and the shoura council. This also involves the will of the political parties, mass organisations, trade unions and owners of clean capitals. The question is; would it be expected to achieve that measure under the financial, administrative and political corruption the country is leading and under the strange insistence to keep those who proved to be corrupt?